SOCIAL evolution: toward charity reform and optimization

The sole mission is to promote & disseminate a creative humanitarian paradigm under the overarching framework of the technological imperative as espoused under the school of Emphaticalism®  and efforts hidden under a project called seraphim
Technological Imperative & "Emphaticalism" defined

If we intuitively comprehend that our moral compunction demands that what we feel we ought to do something then it implies we should do it….”Categorical Imperative.

Let us begin by assuming that the Categorical Imperative as formulated Immanuel Kant entails a moral component inasmuch as morality can be summed up in one ultimate commandment of reason, or imperative, from which all duties and obligations derive. Kant defined  as imperative any proposition that declares a certain action (or inaction) to be necessary.

Further, let us agree that the well-being of Mankind can be succinctly & collectively defined within a relativistic framework based upon a hierarchical mental construct in which life & its basic necessities (food, water, shelter & dignity) are assured. The terminology of Abraham Maslow posits a progression which begins with guaranteeing our physiological needs then ensuring safety/security, allowing us the ability to love and develop a sense of belonging, to gain esteem/self-esteem & ultimately allowing us the potential for self-actualization.

In Hegelian nomenclature we progress from consciousness to self-consciousness, reason, spirit, religion, and eventually or
hypothetically Absolute Knowledge. Please see link & it's references to Absolute Idealism, geisteswissenshaften & aufheben.

 Such artificial constructs reach their zenith in either ‘self-actualization’ or “knowledge knowing itself”. These are the goals of “being human” & are facilitated by systematical humane action toward one’s fellow man.

Next, let us bravely press further & assert that our technological advances have either come close to reaching a plateau or are already functioning at a level beyond which we can no longer expect our senses to derive further enjoyment, acuity or advancement. Our intellectual & artistic advances & their respective promotion can potentially act as a compensating economy in which our national & tribal prides can be manifest.

This brings the reader to the crux of the matter when concatenating these veritably indisputable goals & technological
achievements. That we can act responsibly & should act respectfully to our fellow man is a Moral Imperative. That we can provide Mankind with the tools through which he can achieve something closer to the current state of affairs enjoyed by the more privileged classes is indisputable. That we can no longer achieve quantum advances in digital technology is still subject to further debate & research which should not be constrained. But ultimately we must be compelled to deploy our present technological advances to remain psychologically consonant with our definition of ‘being human’.

That we can deploy our current technology (leveraging our superlative existing infrastructure) for the betterment of Mankind as a whole & achieve a more just yet dynamic equilibrium is what I refer to as the "Technological Imperative". 

And that we must do it immediately is the culmination of these syllogistic premises I have named "Emphaticalism."