SOCIAL evolution: toward charity reform and optimization

The sole mission is to promote & disseminate a creative humanitarian paradigm under the overarching framework of the technological imperative as espoused under the school of Emphaticalism®  and efforts hidden under a project called seraphim

A charity optimization stratagem of co-operative action

Above The Bottom Line

...a digital solution based on the the Technological Imperative & Emphaticalism that must be instituted in order to establish, secure, maintain & increase international charitable giving for the sake of those suffering from humanitarian crises.

 Mission Statement:

 To provide a virtually-perfect, free, technology-based mechanism to expedite & increase donations to international hunger & aid/relief organizations while deploying end-to-end financial transparency as a service provided by the clearing house of the 3 largest credit card providers, Visa, MasterCard & American Express mediated through Google Wallet or other digital payment mechanisms.

 v     The focus is to establish an effective giving mechanism leveraging the rapid deployment of digital point-of-sale digitization via Google Wallet (www.google.com/wallet) & other diverse payment mechanisms. Note that as of 9/19/2011 all 3 major American credit card companies have embraced payment mechanisms which are positioned to replace virtually all transactions that would have otherwise been transactions using credit/debit cards or cash.

 v     To provide a 'watchdog' function of the international charities & add an incentive to additional potential charities which hope to be included in the receiving group.

 v     The intent is to provide incentive to the participating & potential charities to develop technology-based accounting transparency in order to increase total in-flows.

 Essentially this is an implementation of the "Technological Imperative" that maintains that whatever ought be accomplished through innovations in technology (in this case the internet) should be instituted... namely streamlining the flow of donations through a series of institutions providing secure & transparent end-to-end accounting while providing immediate feedback/documentation of their charitable giving. It is my belief that by logical extension & given the dire need evidenced by famine, natural disaster & intra/international violence that it is EMPHATICALLY a moral duty to provide such a mechanism in order to streamline, safeguard & amplify international donations for organizations best suited to provide the aid through NGOs (non-governmental organizations/entities) & international government aligned entities.

 Projected Scope & Delineation:

International aid administered beyond the US border. (ATBL's implicit premise is that providing assistance for hunger & financial assistance within the U.S. is a legitimate function of the federal & state governments.) The associated financial institutions & global relief organizations (selected NGOs/UNICEF) should consider it of utmost importance to electronically acknowledge their incoming AND outgoing donations in a highly efficient, secure & transparent fashion.

Ideally the aggregation of these funds will promote "economies of scale" in the acquisition & delivery of food/relief supplies to those most effected. The chosen recipients of immediate funds transfers allows a more granular control vis a vis just-in-time aid disbursement. Present trends in NGO aid distribution & their attendants' mechanisms further safeguards the efficiency of distributing aid directly into the hands of those in dire need.

Business Case & Justification:

The credit cards institutions' (CCI) incentive is two-fold; developing Good Will dependent upon absolutely free transaction cost for mediating the transfers & increased interest-bearing balances. As for Good Will, credit card institutions (CCIs) must dispense the funds without fees and process the transactions as though they were purchases. But from profit-motivated perspective this allows them to prioritize the respective monthly statements such that the fee-less transaction are cleared up front (EOM processing) which would leave additional monthly unpaid balances "on the books" & subject to the creditor's normal APR, ceteris paribus.

Furthermore the "digital wallet" concept can be integrated efficiently in order to permit greater customer engagement via preferences set in the configuration options presented to the consumer at the point of sale through an enhanced user experience mediated via an on-line (Google-hosted) portal.

Additionally, a Google-crafted algorithm-based functionality of accounting for one's personal projected annual giving & more importantly the accounting of projected business/corporate & expense budgeting can be developed via a web-based portal to further encourage participation as well as displace other accounting software & digital accounting solutions.

Google's incentive for providing this enhancement is justified in at least 3 functionally abstract arenas. It leverages their unique technical capacity to fine-tuning the underlying economic directives & institutionalization of Consumerism, increasing their revenues for click-through advertising & the solidifying ("concretizing") it's respective market standing as an institution engaged in the maximization of distributions to charitable organization.

And finally, should the US government choose to acknowledge the validity of this mechanism & amplify it through modifications of existing tax donation allowances, the projected effect would be to allow an amplification of personal & corporate underwriting of this aid. That mechanism would entail allowing the write-down of charitable giving via this mechanism in a dollar-relation that must be marginally above the current 1:1 tax incentive thereby encouraging more corporate (end-of-year) giving to & through the associated financial & charitable institutions.

Flow Control

POS transaction will immediately be electronically transferred to the credit card clearing house (CCCHs). CCCH such as First Data will then segment the transaction into purchase & donation forwarding the donation mediated through Google & the remainder to Visa, MasterCard & American Express (V/MC/Amex). Google, having then received the donation immediately acknowledges the donation via email &/or IM to the donor & the non-donation funds are forwarded to V/MC/Amex for normal processing through normal channels. Participating bank/credit card companies V/MC/Amex process the transaction instantaneously via leveraging their existing electronic infrastructure. The donations either are immediately disbursed to the designated charity chosen by the donor via a Google Wallet secure portal or alternatively the accrued balance of cumulative personal donations is either transmitted directly to or retained (a sub-optimal operation)  in the designated charities account such that it can be disbursed through strictly-controlled disaster relief funds. Finally, immediate transfers are immediately & independently acknowledged by the receiving charity via IM/text/email (user's preference) with a transaction identifying code that will allow the giver to track their donation digitally.

The role of collecting & accounting for the aggregate instantaneous, monthly & annual giving is relegated to Google who facilitates the production & delivery of "trustmark" validated IRS documents reflecting the donations & providing current cumulative level of giving which is then available instantaneously via their secure portal.

Additionally, an additional Google-crafted algorithm-based functionality of one's personal projected annual giving & more importantly the accounting of projected business/corporate & expense budgeting can be developed to further encourage participation as well as displace other accounting software & digital accounting solutions.

Technical structure: PCI-compliant POS option to donate via a new payment mechanism offered the consumer through traditional sales (e.g. fine dining experiences) the option to donate to their charity below the sales, tax & tip but above the total. This is then processed leveraging existing infrastructure to V/MC/Amex. The donation's collection is received for prioritized processing through said existing infrastructure. Initial immediate funds transfer acknowledged through CCCH’s existing web-based back-end eCommerce functionality. Secure VPN transfer to V/MC/Amex clearing houses (CCCHs) via existing secure B2B VPN infrastructure are forwarded to mediating non-profit ABTL via Sterling Connect:Direct Enterprise software. Secure VPN transfer from Google or CCCHs to endpoint non-profits via secure yet transparent transfers. Final receipt at non-profit via email, text message & mail further provides a comfort level of effective transmission of donations.

Underlying Flow Control mechanisms:

Funds flow: myriad donors -> CCCH -> V/MC/Amex -> charity & credit card company's balance sheet.

Acknowledgement flow: Google -> donor AND Charity -> donor via IM, email or text message & made confirmable & submissible as a federally-acknowledged tax donation via the Google portal.

Aggregate flow: donors -> Google -> CCCH -> CCI &/or banks -> pre-determined charity -> disaster, famine, disease or victims of military collateral damage &/or subsequent physical displacement.

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